FSi, is a legend of a man. There is a certain law, called FSi's Imperative Law, that helped solidify that status. The law is simple in its core and approximates the description and theories of Godwin's Law. In the simplest of words, when a new visitor joins Club Galen, as the discussion increases so is the probability of someone talking about FSi.  

Spreading the word around, FSi may not be exactly a regular, he joins the channel for a wee bit hour(s) and spams bici back and forth. After that he vanishes into the darkness.

FSi, is the long lost sibling of qptain_nemo, living in the neighbourhood that we call Mother Russia. FSi living in Yekatenerianghadbyfingihuoppqjfqburg is more of a Japanese/Korean/Koi Fish than he is a true Russian. But Russians are transformers anyway running at 220V AC. 


FSi is the coffee table as accurately depicted in Cowboy Trigun


There is one thing that must be governed and respected at all times, and that is to never click a link pasted by FSi, no matter what. Unlike clickbaits, the damage may turn out to be lethal. The links by nature are not just NSFW(Not Safe For Work) but rather NSFL (Not Safe For Life).  In case you're not convinced, go ahead. Click the link.